Portrait-PG_Cut-40Phil­ip­pe Glandi­en is a Ger­man com­po­ser, pro­du­cer and musi­ci­an spe­cia­li­zed in crea­ting a wide array of indi­vi­dual­ly tailo­red music for film – ran­ging from modern orches­tral Film Score to catchy Pop and Elec­tro­ni­ca to Jazz, Folk and World Music to more obscu­re Alter­na­ti­ve, Metal and Avant-Garde.
Brought up in a musi­cal fami­ly, Phil­ip­pe Glandi­en began his musi­cal care­er at the age 5 play­ing vio­lin. In the cour­se of his ado­le­scence, he auto­di­dac­tical­ly lear­ned gui­tar, bass gui­tar, and drums and gai­ned expe­ri­ence as a per­for­ming musi­ci­an, lead­sin­ger, and song­wri­ter in various rock bands. At the age of 18, he re-dis­co­ve­r­ed his love for clas­si­cal music and taught him­s­elf to play piano.
To com­bi­ne his two pas­si­ons – Rock and Clas­si­cal music –, in 2006, he foun­ded Sin­fu­ria – The War­ches­tra, a later to be 10-strong Pro­gres­si­ve Metal ensem­ble, in which he – as its lea­der, con­duc­tor and arran­ger/s­core-wri­ter, as well as gui­ta­rist and one of three com­po­sers – pla­ced clas­si­cal instru­ments and dra­ma­tic struc­tures in a Metal band con­text. Sin­fu­ria was active live until 2012, and per­sists today as a stu­dio pro­ject.

In 2009, Glandi­en, again auto­di­dac­tical­ly, gai­ned first expe­ri­en­ces as a film com­po­ser, and short­ly after, also esta­blished him­s­elf in the com­mer­ci­al film indus­try. In the fol­lo­wing years, Glandi­en rea­li­sed – main­ly as a film com­po­ser and pro­du­cer of his own music, but also sound desi­gner, arran­ger, orches­tra­tor, and mixing/mastering engi­neer – a varie­ty of world­wi­de per­for­med works for cine­ma and tele­vi­si­on, bands and solo artists, as well as trade fairs and live con­certs.
Glandi­en works as a fre­e­lan­cer in his Gise­la-Stu­dio in Ber­lin his main inte­rest being direc­ted at film pro­jects in the gen­res Sci­ence Fic­tion, Thril­ler, Black Come­dy and Docu­men­ta­ry.

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Gise­la-Stu­dio Impres­si­ons



● Music Com­po­si­ti­on & Pro­duc­tion       ● Arran­ge­ment & Orches­tra­ti­on       ● Tran­scrip­ti­on & Score Wri­ting
● Con­cre­te & Crea­ti­ve Sound Design       ● Mixing & Mas­te­ring



For sam­ples of my work plea­se visit the Films or Com­mer­ci­als sec­tion.

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