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Philippe Glandien is a German COMPOSER, PRODUCER, SOUND DESIGNER & MIXING/MASTERING ENGINEER specialized in creating a wide stilistic array of music for FILMS & COMMERCIALS.

His works for CINEMA, TELEVISION, TRADE FAIRS & LIVE CONCERTS have been shown all around the globe.

Glandien lives and works as a freelancer in BERLIN.



Philippe Glandien is a German Composer, Producer, Sound Designer and Mixing/Mastering Engineer specialized in creating a wide array of individually tailored music for film – ranging from modern orchestral Film Scores to catchy Pop and Electronica to Jazz, Folk and World Music to more obscure Alternative, Rock/Metal and Avant-Garde.

His works for clients including BMW, Jack Wolfskin, Porsche, Schweppes, and the German Government have been performed in Cinemas, on Television, at Trade Fairs & Live Concerts all around the globe.


Brought up in a musical family, Philippe Glandien began his musical career at the age 5 playing violin. In the course of his adolescence, he autodidactically learned guitar, bass guitar, and drums and gained experience as a performing musician, leadsinger, and songwriter in various rock bands. At the age of 18, he re-discovered his love for classical music and taught himself to play piano.

To combine his two passions – Rock and Classical music –, in 2006, he founded Sinfuria – The Warchestra, a later to be 10-strong Progressive Metal ensemble, in which he – as its director and arranger/score-writer, as well as guitarist and one of three composers – placed classical instruments and dramatic structures in a Metal band context. Sinfuria was active live until 2012, and persists today as a studio project.

In 2009, Glandien, again autodidactically, gained first experiences as a film composer, and shortly after, also established himself in the commercial film industry. In the following years, Glandien realised – mainly as a film composer and producer of his own music, but also sound designer, arranger, orchestrator, and mixing/mastering engineer – a variety of worldwide performed works for cinema and television, bands and solo artists, as well as trade fairs and live concerts.

Glandien works as a freelancer in his Gisela-Studio in Berlin his main interest being directed at film projects in the genres Science Fiction, Thriller, and Black Comedy.



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